Thursday, October 6, 2005

i was upset with Mommy for not playing with me last night. She came home early - but did that mean she spent extra time with me? NOOOOO... Evil Mommy... all she did was draw brigadoon costumes... BORING BORING. But I got back at her. I did my trick of waiting by the door to go and and then running away a few times. But when that wasn't effective enough I had a better idea. I went into the bedroom and puked all over the blankets. Then I came back out and pretended to be all cute and sweet and hopped on mommy's lap and licked her face with my puke mouth. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! SHe didn't suspect a thing. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA
I got her good. She didn't even knonw I had puked until many hours later.
Oh yah and the one time she did pay attention to me it was to cut my nails.
This means war.
I have already shredded a toilet paper roll.
HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA! I'm sure I can damage a few things before she comes home from work today.


  1. Minou,

    Our Mommy has been very busy latley too. We have been getting even by chewing on everything that is not nailed down. She got a new pair of jeans and left them on the floor, they are now a new pair of jeans with a few holes chewed into them. She turned a whole new shade of red when she found them!

    PS - Toilet Paper is awesome, we are still searching for the kleenexes!

    Love, Abbey & Opie

  2. I like your way of thinking! I have taken notes, and fully intend on getting even with my Mommy as well! This abandonment has got to stop!!!! Grr!
    I think I will go find something dead to eat...that way I can puke all over the blankets too. ;)

  3. Minou, remember, your mommy drawing and sewing and stuff keeps you in kibbles. But, it's hard, we all want attention.

    I looked at your mommy's sketches for Brigadoon, and they are really fantastic. Does she want any cool shawls for people to wear in the show? Bet anmiryam could knit a few in her spare time (haaa, haaa...)

  4. This what I do to get mommy for leaving (yesterday she felt bad for going to work and bought me a squeaky for being a good girl, something to think about...) - find something that smells like her feet, look for this word "l-e-a-t-h-e-r", it tastes better. Then chew chew chew. Don't forget to eat the evidence though, so she won't know it was you. She'll think it was gremlins.

    By the time I poop it out or puke it up 2 days have gone by and she can't get mad at me, because I have a "short memory" and "don't know why" she would be angry.

    Stupid humans.